Thursday, November 10, 2011

For A Brighter, More Confident Everything!

Denture cleaners are incredibly humble, but it has recently become clear to me that they deserve absolute GLORY! I had to discover their power on my own so I feel that it is my duty to pass this knowledge to the DOZENS of innocent people who frequent this blog simply trying to find a risotto recipe.

Here are just a few reasons I am promoting the tablets normally reserved for the geriatric population:
Removes stains from coffee mugs like a BOSS
You know how you let a pot soak when it’s really hard to clean, but in the morning it’s still just a dirty pot with cold goopy water in it? Well when you pop a denture cleaner in there the night before, your pot is foamy and sparkling!
Toilet bowls!
Vases too small for hands!
 I've even heard that they can unclog pipes. I think I might change career paths and go into denture cleaner sales. "Invest in your future; invest in denture cleaner tablets"


  1. Hi Megan! As a Ten who truly was checking out your newer posts after refreshing my memory on the Tons of Effing Risotto recipe, I thank you for this tip! Kelley, A Bellevue Ten

  2. I had no idea! Awesome tip. RAWR!